Who we are?

We are a passionate team of designers, software developers, and digital marketing specialists. We are focused on giving you a business growth plan to establish your company at the top of your niche in sales.We bring together creativity, technical skills, and digital strategies to deliver comprehensive and successful solutions to our clients. Our shared dedication drives the transformation of ideas into impactful results in the digital world.

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Jorge R Sanchez Garrote


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Juan Pablo Caballero

Marketing Automation Specialist

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Lukas Morrowsk

Team Leader (Software Developer)

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Thais Same Aguilera

General Manager

business growth plan

Despite lacking prior CEO experience, their passion for innovation and technical excellence has driven the company’s consistent growth and achievement of significant milestones.

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Brings a robust background with a managerial tenure in the banking sector, where they adeptly oversaw business accounts. Armed with firsthand knowledge of financial operations and a keen understanding of business growth strategies.

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Relatively new in the field, yet his enthusiasm is complemented by a solid academic background supported by relevant degrees. Lukas comprehensive training has equipped him with the skills needed to design, implement, and optimize strategies with precision and effectiveness.

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Diversified experience and knack for solving complex challenges position  as a valuable asset in the realm of software development, delivering innovative and high-quality solutions.

Our Mission

At TAMERCode, our mission is to transform each client’s unique vision into a compelling and effective online presence. We specialize in merging innovative web design with customized digital marketing strategies, providing comprehensive solutions and a business growth plan that drive the success of our clients. With a team of experts dedicated to excellence, we are committed to delivering web design services that are not only visually captivating but also functional and tailored to the specific needs of each business. Our passion for digital marketing translates into strategic campaigns that maximize visibility and market impact, ensuring a tangible return on investment. We don’t just create websites and marketing strategies; we build strong partnerships, driven by innovation and shared success.

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Our Company’s Proven Process

How Do We Deliver Our Boosting Services?

SWOT (Competition)

Provide a comprehensive report conducting a SWOT analysis on competitors, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the market.

Offer a thorough SWOT analysis report for your company, highlighting internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats in the business landscape.

SWOT (Company)

Our Strategy

We provide a strategy to overcome negatives and surpass the qualities of direct competitors.

We design an identity (brand) that conveys commitment, loyalty, and adds professional value to your business.


Website Design

We create the core element of your business,  a website design to your preferences, built with a value-driven structure.

We optimize your business presence on Facebook and Instagram, strategically reaching targeted audiences.

social Media Ads

Google Ads

We segment ad campaigns using keywords, budgets, bids, segmentation, conversions, and tracking for your company’s benefit.

We enhance your online reputation with high-quality links, mentions, and community engagement, increasing your authority with search engines.

SEO off Page

Local SEO

We optimize your Google My Business, target specific locations, and promote local events to bring local customers to you and boost visibility in ‘near me’ searches.

Your sales will soar, with ongoing analysis, improved market recognition, new customers, valuable feedback, enhanced interaction, credibility, and professionalism.


Your Users are Our Users

In this commitment, we recognize that the success of your users directly correlates with the quality of services we provide. We not only prioritize user satisfaction, but we are dedicated to seamlessly integrating our services to enhance their experience. Our unwavering focus on service excellence ensures that every interaction, every solution, and every detail is crafted with the utmost precision and dedication. Your users aren’t just numbers; they are the heartbeat of our commitment to delivering excellence. With TAMERCode, their experience is not just a priority – it’s our purpose.